Customized Spa for ‘ KOREA Oriental Hand Made Therapy ’

Customized Spa for ‘ KOREA Oriental Hand Made Therapy ’


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Oriental SPA 오리엔탈 스파

Aroma Spa, Oriental Massage, Spa Food
70min  88,000원

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Recovery  리커버리 스파

Aroma Couple Spa, Aroma Therapy, Recovery Massage, Spa Food
90min 132,000원

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Fatigue 피로회복을 위한 스파

Aroma Spa, Fatigue Massage,  Foot Reflexology, Scalp Acupressure, Spa Food
100min  143,000원

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Anti- Stress 스트레스 치유 스파

Aroma Spa, Aroma Therapy, Anti-Stress Massage, Stone Therapy & Massage(Back), Spa Food
110min  176,000원

AROMA BAUME SPA  아로마 봄므 스파

Aroma Spa, Aroma Baume Therapy & Massage, Ear Stone Therapy & Massage, Spa Food
90min  198,000원

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VIP Signature 시그니처 패키지

Aroma Spa, Body Scrub
Body Massage (Swedish, Deep Tissue, Meridian 중 택 1)
Facial Treatment (Meridian, Healing 중 택 1), Scalp Acupressure, Spa Food
160min 286,000원